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We strive to clarify some common questions you might have about Full House Removals! For more queries, check out our FAQs or give us a call!
QPM Removalists acts as a directory that quickly connects the people with the removalists who fulfill their moving needs. The partner removalists listed are the ones from whom the customers will be matched with. Based on the specifics mentioned by the customer, we will look through our partners and choose the ones who fulfill the specific needs.
You can easily visit the websites of our partnered relocation companies right from this page. You can also check out their reviews from third-party websites to gain a proper understanding of the expertise and skills of these removalists.
You don’t need to actually search our platform to find a relocation company. Our process is more simple than that. All you need to do is to fill out a simple form. In this form, you need to enter your pickup and delivery address, the volume of the stuff you need to move and the specific relocation services you require. We will match with the appropriate relocation companies and send you their quotes.
You don’t need to pay anything to get quotes from us. We provide free services for people to find the removal companies in Brisbane. We offer you the seven quotes of relocation companies in total from which you can choose one.
As we have a lot of professional and experienced removalists in our platform, you can smoothly go through get a good mover who helps with your move. Just inquire from among the removal companies we send to you and you can quickly book one reliable removalist.
We do not offer preferences or suggestions to choose from the list of removalists we send to you. It is entirely your choice to choose one mover that you feel can make a positive difference to your move. We do not interfere with your decisions in any way.
After we receive your form, we will send you seven quotes from the relocation companies in Brisbane. We don’t want to bury with the many removalists available in Brisbane, but at the same time, you will have ample of choices in removalists to choose from it!
Yes. You can choose the option ‘International Removalists’, from the drop-down list and enter the correct delivery address of the new country when you are filling out your form. We will match you with relocation companies who provide international relocation services to that particular country and send you their quotes.
Don’t worry if you have lost the manuals. You can hire good furniture removalists in Brisbane who are experts at this and can dismantle and pack the furniture even without the manuals. Just make sure to add this little detail while filling out the form and we will find seven furniture removal companies who fit your specific needs.
We completely understand how important it is to keep the office equipment and furniture safe. That’s why we send you the quotes of seven office removal experts who will help to move to your new office with completely safety and handle your things with care.
Once you fill and submit our form with your office removals requirements, we will provide you quotes from 7 removalists operating in your area. All the moving agents in our platform are professional and experienced, and you can hire the best depending on the price and other considerations. Our objective is to help you find the most suitable office mover in Brisbane, and we do not charge you for using our platform.
Sure, we can. We request you to choose the type of relocation you need – local, interstate, or international. Based on your pickup and drop-off addresses, we can match you with relocation companies who provide backloading services for the route. We recommend you to contact these companies as soon as possible to find a suitable date for your move.
As we provide you with seven quotes of relocation company once you have filled the form, you have the option to choose a mover that fits into your budget and also provides professional and safe relocation.
You can find movers no matter if you are moving a few items or your entire house. Just let us know that you need to move only a few things, mention the items, its volume and the type of removalists you wish to hire and we will send you the quotes of the removal companies who can help you with the relocation.
You don’t need to pay us anything when you hire a removalist from the seven quotes we sent. We work to help people to move with ease and if you are happy with your relocation and with our services, the maximum you can do for us is to leave a lovely review!
We understand that it can be pretty stressful when you are relocating valuable stuff. Please mention the expensive stuff you need to relocate and we will find some professional removalists who are capable of doing a good job. We will send you seven quotes of these movers to inquire and hire the best removalist, according to you.
There are some stringent rules against moving some plants across borders of states and countries. The removal company can check it for you and see if any of your plants come under that category. If your plants are allowed to be moved, they can guide you to prepare the plants for the relocation and take extra care in moving them.
You are allowed to relocate harmless items like dresses, shoes, files, books and so on. But some flammable items like heavy cleaning liquids, heavy-duty batteries, aerosols and a few other things are not allowed. Usually, the international removalists you hire will have a list of things that cannot be relocated. Contact them at the earliest to know the specific details.
After we have obtained the quotes of the removal companies, we will send it to you immediately to the inbox of the email you have provided. Don’t worry; we won't spam you or send you unnecessary emails.
We work as soon as we can to send you the quotes in the shortest time possible. Once we get the details of your relocation, we start working immediately to find the movers in Brisbane who match your requirements. So be assured that you will receive the quotes in your inbox in a very short time.
The cost of the entire relocation is based on the distance of the move, the truck was chosen, the volume of the things and any other extra relocation service you have availed. The cost per hour of hiring movers differs based on the number of movers on the job. To give you an idea, the average cost of hiring removalists in Brisbane is $100 per hour. This cost could vary depending on the removal company you choose.
Generally, two movers come with any relocation job. However, as you have five bedrooms, hiring just two removalists will increase the time of loading and unloading. If you hire one more mover, then the job can be completed in a short time. Discuss with the relocation company when you are deciding the number of movers.
Relocation to any place is difficult and stressful and we have made it our aim to simplify the process for you. As you have many other jobs to do for your move, we ensure that you don’t waste your time searching for a proper moving company. We don’t let you scourge among the hundreds of removalists in Brisbane. Instead, we bring you the best matching relocation companies to you.
Yes, sure. We know how essential it is to transport your piano without even a small hint of damage. We can send you the quotes of expert piano removalists in Brisbane who are highly experienced and trained at moving valuable pianos safely.
If you don’t have much stuff in your studio apartment, then a man and a van will probably be enough. However, if you have a lot of heavy items like bed, washing machine, fridge, or any other similar things, then you probably need two movers. In any case, make sure to describe the volume of the things you need to move and the removal company will verify if one mover is sufficient.
If you are looking for removalists who also provide relocation insurance, please mention it specifically when you are filling out the form. We will verify with the movers when obtaining quotes and send you those companies who provide relocation insurance. Some movers will charge you extra for providing the insurance. Therefore, make sure to inquire about it when you are booking them.
It depends on the relocation companies to accept the rescheduling. Mostly, if they are free on the time you are rescheduling, they will agree to change the date as long as it is informed at least a day or two beforehand. If you aren’t sure about the date of the relocation, please check with the removal company about their rescheduling policy when you book them.
For a local move, you can hire movers two weeks before the scheduled date of the relocation. If it is an interstate relocation, it is best to book the movers at least a month ahead. In case of international relocation, it is essential to book them at least 45 days before to ensure that you have all the details of the move clear and have some guidance on the rules and regulations of the relocation to the particular location.
It is pretty easy to reduce the cost of your move when using our platform. As you have the option of getting quotes from various professional relocation companies, you can quickly find one that is affordable and comes within your budget without too many efforts.
Most relocation companies do not take the responsibility of arranging the permits required during the move. They can tell you the permits they will need and you can go ahead and obtain the permits in time.
The duration of the relocation depends on the distance of the move. If it is a local relocation, then the relocation can be completed within a day. If it is an interstate relocation, then it can take anywhere between one to three days or more based on the distance of the move, the weather conditions and the road conditions. For international relocation, it can vary up to a week, depending on the availability of external modes of transport and the local transportation conditions.
ure, we can help you. We can send you quotes from the essential relocation companies and check if they provide packing boxes. Also, we urge you to inquire the movers when you are contacting them the first time and confirm if they offer packing boxes.
Of course. When filling out the form, just let us know how soon you need a removalist and we will send you seven removal companies of Brisbane who can quickly accept your last-minute moving need. From the list we send, you can contact the removal companies and choose one which you want.
Most removal companies who comply with your requests if your stops are right on the route they take. When you are inquiring with the removal company, you can request them about these stops and choose the mover based on it.
First, you can shortlist some companies that come under your budget. Next, you can visit their website and read some online reviews of other customers. Based on these factors, you can call some movers and inquire about their availability on the dates you are moving, confirm if they provide the services you need and book them immediately.