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FAQ's & Information

  • Q. I don'™t have time to pack, can you pack for me?

  • A. Of course, as a furniture removalist company we specialise in all aspects of helping you to move your home or office. Our professional removalists are trained in all areas of removals and customer service. We also can provide packing materials such as boxes; port-a-robes and bubble wrap that we can deliver prior to your move or bring along on the day.

  • Q. How do I pay my bill?

  • A. Payment is to be paid at the drop off point on the day of your move. Payments excepted are cash, Visa or MasterCard, if you choose to use card payment a 3% surcharge is incurred. Amex is accepted too, with a surcharge or 5%.

  • Q. Do you dismantle items?

  • Yes all trucks are equipped with all the correct tools to dismantle and then reassemble your items once we have unloaded them into your new home.

  • Q. I don't need a truck, how much does it cost for two men?

  • A. We offer a workers job service where 2 men (or more) can come help you with around the house moves. For example if you a™re getting new floors put in and need your piano shifted to the next room QPM removalists can be the men for the job. For 2 removalists it is $50 per man per hour and is on a 2 hour minimum. If you want a third man it is just $50 extra per hour.

  • Q. What happens if I can'™t be at the property when the removalists arrive?

  • A. we do require either yourself or a trusted friend/family member to be present at both ends of your move; if someone will not be able to be there we do recommend booking on a day where you would be able to attend as it does make the overall move much quicker and easier.

  • Q. Why should I use QPM Removalists?

  • A. QPM Removalists is a family owned business that specializes in all types of removals and customer service, helping families and business™ settle into the next stage of their life, stress-free. Our professional and skilled movers have undertaken more than 20,000 house moves over the past five years. We are committed to being a leader in service and quality for each and every item we move, big or small.

  • Q. If need be can the removalists help me with storage?

  • A. Yes, as of 2015 QPM Removalists will have opened up our very own, brand new storage facilities. However we do currently offer short stays storage for customers needing to store items for up to a few days.

  • Q. When do I have to pay for the work that is done? Do I have to pay up front?

  • A. When making a booking we take a deposit of $100, on the day of your move this $100 would be deducted from your final bill and the total is to be paid at the drop off point of your move when the job is complete. Payment must be made before the boys can leave for their next job.

  • Q. What sort of documentation do I need to sign?

  • A. At the end of your move we get yourself and our company to sign an insurance form stating the day of your move and that the job was completed successfully. You will get your own copy of this insurance form to keep with all relevant information.

  • Q. Can I pack my own boxes or give instructions on packing?

  • A. Your more than welcome to pack your own boxes to save time and the boys will work side by side to make sure your satisfied with the way things are stored and packed away. However as the removalists are trained to pack safely and minimize the risk of breakage it is recommended you let the boys pack as that way its guaranteed to be done safely and efficiently and that way if anything was to get damaged your insurance would cover the item, as the removalists packed it.

  • Q. Do we have to pay a deposit to book?

  • A.Yes, we require a $100 deposit to secure all bookings.

  • Q. Is this deposit refunded if I cancel?

  • A. No, this deposit secures your booking and therefore means we can'™t book other customers wanting that spot. However we do understand circumstances change and if you need to reschedule we will transfer your deposit to another moving date once for every customer, provided we are given 24 hours™ notice. For customers, on the day of your move your $100 deposit would be deducted from your total bill.

  • Q. Are there any hidden fee or costs?

  • A. No, When we provide you with a quote we will always ask all questions and mention all costs involved so there are no hidden unwanted surprises.

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